Friday, August 13, 2010

Stanwood Hero Quilters' Sew Day - August 21

Our next Sew Day is Saturday August 21st at the Stanwood Senior Center from 10-4 in the Social Room. 7430 276th St NW in Stanwood. For information contace Sharon Szekely 360-387-4800,

Our Upcoming Sew Days:
Sept 18th, Standwood Senior Center
Oct 23rd, Stanwood Senior Center
Nov 20th, Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop, Smokey Point

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quilts from Debbie Mumm

We were thrilled when Debbie Mumm mentioned American Hero Quilts in her recent quilt book "I Care With Quilts." After the book came out, Debbie sent us the quilt "Stars of Honor" pictured on page 74.

We felt that there were several options for this wonderful quilt. We could use it for a while when we gave talks about American Hero Quilts. We could raffle it to raise money. We could send it to a wounded warrior. We realized that Debbie and her organization should have a say as to what she would like to see happen to the quilt.

Just as we were getting ready to ask her, we received notice of a young man horribly wounded and his mom was asking for a quilt for him. We told Debbie about him as an example of where the quilt could go. What a generous woman she is. She sent us a second quilt to send to the young man and told us to use the first for talks and a raffle.
Kudos to Debbie Mumm and her generous heart.

If you haven't see the book "I Care With Quilts" be sure to check it out. It is wonderful. As you can see by the pictures the quilts are lovely.

- from Sue